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Dominate YouTube: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting to Number 1 Using Powerful SEO Strategies

In this article, I will show you step-by-step how to optimize your YouTube videos so that they can rank on the first page for certain keywords, even if you don’t have any subscribers. And I’m not going to give you some random advice. What I will do I will take you live every step of the way from keyword research to uploading your video and optimizing it for the YouTube algorithm. I used this selection method to rank for some highly competitive keywords. For example, this video which is now number one for the keyword, how to make money on Instagram. And I uploaded this video when I had just over 2000 subscribers. Also, to make everything I show you in this video easier to do, I’ve created a YouTube optimization checklist that you can use every time you create a new video so you don’t miss any steps when it comes to optimizing your video for the YouTube algorithm.

Okay, so the first thing you should always do before you decide on what your video is about is keyword research. This means that we try to find certain keywords so that they are phrases that people type into the YouTube search bar that we can rank for. So when someone writes, for example, how to get views on YouTube, you want your video to appear on the first page so that people can find your video and get views. And I want to give you an example of what happens if you do this step correctly and what happens if you skip this step or if you don’t do this step at all. So at the top here you see one of the videos that I made about a year ago. And in this hub, you see the number of days he was online, and in this hub, the number of views. And at first, as you can see, I got some views from my subscribers, but then it fell off very quickly and I didn’t get any more views. The reason is that I targeted highly competitive keywords for my channel size.

This is why, even after almost a year, I don’t even have 1,000 views. Now this example down here, I did my keyword research correctly and targeted keywords with less competition that I could rank for. And the way it looks is that at first,,,, you might not get huge views either. But as time goes on and your video ranks for these keywords, the views keep growing. So just over a year later, I had nearly 20,000 views on this particular video. And you might think that well, that’s not much, I want to grow faster. But the thing is, you have to be realistic about your channel. You will not be able to rank for high-competition keywords when you are just starting on YouTube. So, you want to build your channel with long-tail keywords, using low-competition keywords, and then keep targeting more competitive keywords as your channel grows. So the way people do it, or the way I do it, is by finding one keyword. This is the keyword that you want to optimally rank first and then three secondary keywords that you also want to get some traffic from.

And the easiest way to do this is with easy-to-use tools. So Tube body and video are basically what most YouTubers use to do their keyword research and do a lot of other things that make your YouTube career easier. I will leave links to both of these tools below in the description. These are extensions for your browser that will give you a lot of information about keywords and how to optimize your videos. You can decide if you want to use a Tube body or video. I use both. They both have free plans, so you can do a lot of things with them. with the free plan. I have a paid plan for Tube body because I use some of the paid ones and I have a free plan from Bit IQ. And I use the best of both tools. So you need to know what works best for you. It is a kind of preference. So the way it appears when those are installed is I’m using Google Chrome, so this is what it looks like for me. This is from a friend. So you see your channel’s performance in the last 2 hours and days.

And this is what you have for a Tube body. And the first thing I do when I’m trying to find new video ideas is I go to this code here, which opens the Tube body dashboard here. And then I can click on Run Keyword Explorer Now. This will launch my keyword explorer. That’s when I write down the topics I want to make videos about. Suppose, for example, that I want to make a video similar to this. I want to make a video on how to get YouTube views. So let’s write how to get views on YouTube. And you’ll always really get some suggestions down here and let’s click on this and explore that keyword. So what Tupac does is figure out how likely it is that my channel will be able to rank for that particular keyword and it seems that now the overall score is poor, six out of 100 is not very good and that’s intended for my channel. You can go to “Unlikely” here and note that it’s not a good idea to target most channels but you want to use this one.

So you tailor it to your channel and they always analyze the search volume. So the size is quite good. Many people write this keyword but the competition is very high and the optimization power is very good. Come on

Mainly the power of optimization is that the videos that are already categorized, can be improved a lot, which gives you a chance to optimize your video better and rank and rank these videos. So it wouldn’t be smart to use this keyword. So what we can do is we can check out what the Tube body offers us as alternatives to find a keyword that we can rank for. So you can go to the relevant one on the right side here and click on How to Get YouTube Fast Views. Maybe we can easily rank for this keyword, so let’s analyze it again this is also not a very good keyword to target. You see we have a score of three out of 100. So let’s check another score. How to Get YouTube Views Fast 2020 Let’s click on this and you see we got an excellent score. So 82 out of 100.

What you realize is that the search volume has gone down a bit, so not many people write how to get YouTube Fast 2020 as compared to how to get YouTube views. But there are still a lot of people searching for the keyword, then the competition is very low, which is ideal if you are a small channel, then the optimization power is also good. So you can rank higher than other videos just by better optimizing your video with keywords, with your description, with your tags,,,,, and all that kind of stuff. So that would be a good keyword to target. The also great thing is that once you are rated How to Get Views on YouTube Fast 2020 if YouTube sees that you have a high-quality video, then people are watching your video all the way through. You will then be able to rank for how to get YouTube views quickly and how to get ideas on YouTube because this keyword, a higher competition keyword, is part of the lower competition keyword. A longer tail keyword will ensure that you get some views so YouTube gets a chance to analyze your video and see that it’s a good video and that they’re able to get that video in front of the right people.

The next thing I’m going to do is go to video, which is the second plugin I showed you. They also have a keyword research tool that works a little differently. So I took the keyword I found here, copy and paste it here. And this is how I find my secondary keyword. So I type in the search and what Wide will give you is the actual search volume for those specific keywords. This is the keyword I want to target for the video and I want to find three secondary keywords. So what I can use is how to get more youtube views quickly. It’s already part of my keyword, but how to get more subscribers, how to get youtube views, how to grow on youtube. They all have a pretty decent search volume. So this is also worth targeting. You can also get an aggregate score that tells you if it’s worth targeting. But this is how I get my secondary keywords. Very pleasant. We now have our primary keyword and our three secondary keywords. The next thing we can do is search for content.

That’s the whole point here is to find things that people want to know when they type in that keyword. So you want to know what your video should be about that will get people to watch it. And here again,,,,, is an example of a video that I did well and an example that I didn’t do well. Here you can see, this is a 14-minute video and 40.4% of people watch the video all the way through. This is called audience retention. You get this information inside your YouTube studio and that’s good. So people click on the video and then it is very normal for some people to do that.



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